One of my tasks in the creation of websites is HTML/CSS development. It plays an important part in the process of design integration before the development in dynamic language. This part of the development involves an essential and boring step: giving the website cross browser-compatibility, especially with Internet Explorer 6 and earlier!

Google decided in the last couple of months to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6 in their applications such as Youtube, Gmail and Google Docs.

In spite of the fact that some developers have decided to no longer optimize their websites for versions previous to IE7, Aasman continues to support IE6 to keep information accessibility open to everybody. A small number of internet users still use IE6, particularly in companies where the network is managed by a CIO (Chief Information Officer), who often disables the automatic updates of windows.

You can find some good reasons to stop using IE6 on this website :

You can also add the fact that optimizing your websites for old browsers takes us time and costs you more money...

If you are still using Internet Explorer 6, we recommend trying some other popular Internet browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari to get the best possible experience, or to upgrade your browser to a newer version. The current IE version is Internet Explorer 8 and the upgrade is free.


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