I wanted to write about branding World Cup Soccer, but I got overwhelmed with all the possibilities. So rather than analyze one, here's a couple of very different levels of marketing associated with an epic international event.

How do you attach your brand to an event?

Nike's "Write the Future" campaign demonstrates how soccer legends are made on a global audience, and gives people a chance to write the headlines for their predicted legendary players.

Here's a 3-minute ad worth watching. My favourite moments are when a row of newborns all get named after a soccer-legends, and when the fancy footwork of another player becomes a global dance-move, with a split second ode to Facebook as the "like" category escalates into the millions.  

So you want one of the buzzing horns?

You can buy one on the official merchandise website. Apparently they are as loud as chain saws (I'm thinking bear-deterrent) but if you try to use one as a weapon it will break into three pieces.  

How do you touch the world and every corner of the planet?

It's part of FIFA's brand mission. Here's a breakdown of their brand promise and approach behind the organization and their inspiring proposition: "For the Game. For the World."  

How do you Brand a country?

South Africa has an international marketing council to develop a marketing and communication strategy that promotes South Africa – "Alive with Possibility."  


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