Congratulations Christiane!
Christiane, who is currently visiting Whitehorse from Switzerland, won aasman's summer solstice challenge. She was a mere 30 seconds from the exact time of 10:53:03. A huge thank you to all 656 people who entered! Your participation and comments really energized our team and made this contest great fun. 
Using only social media and aasman staff contacts, we were able to generate over 1,700 visits to our blog in two days! (You might want to read that twice for effect. We sure did.) That translates into over 3,000 views of our website beyond that one blog post during a 30 hour period. We also doubled our blog subscribers. 
As most of you probably already know, this was also an internal competition between aasman employees to see who could generate the most hits to our blog. It was an intense couple of days in the office–we got to see who the real cut-throats are around here! It was hilarious and loads of fun. 
Thank you to Doug Brown from Copeland Communications in Victoria for masterminding this challenge for us. We gained an incredible amount of insight on social media that we're super-excited to put to work for our clients. 
We hope you had an awesome solstice-- looks like summer has finally arrived. 


by Andrea

Ohhhhh soo cloose.

Fun Contest. Thanks!


by Doug Brown

Oh fine. So summer arrives the day I leave. Nice. That’s how you welcome people up to Yukon huh. Hm.

Just wanted to add that the Copeland gang thinks the Aasman gang totally rocked this contest!


by Corey Bradbury

Thanks Doug, we had a great time doing it, thanks again for coming up and yes the sun came out as soon as you took that nasty Victoria weather back home with you :)


by Jennifer

We should also mention that Heather was the big winner at aasman. We just couldn’t beat her networking skillz. (I’ll get you next time though!)


by al

I’d just like to thank all 180 of my good, true and faithful online friends (and relatives) who came to my aid in my hour of need. Who knew there were so many of you? Terrific strategy Doug—thanks for that and everything else!


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