My first week at Aasman is finished, and it has been truly exciting. I had expected that my first week would be pretty calm, with introductions and training. BOY, I was wrong!
Since I arrived at 8:30 on Monday morning, it has been a thrill ride of client meetings, information sessions, and projects. And I have loved every moment of it. I could write pages about what I have experienced at Aasman so far, but I’ve decided to condense it down to a few photographs.

Moving through the photographs left to right, then top to bottom, here are some impressions about what I have seen at Aasman:

• My workspace: I have a huge desk in the studio with a beautiful view of Grey Mountain, and I find that it really inspires my creativity. I have so much space to move and breath, and it already feels like it is really my space.

• The Aasman ball: Throughout the office, there is a consistent visual theme of the red ball. It makes for a visually stimulating place to work, and I think it reflects the cohesion that exists between all the people working here. We are all tied together by the motivation to create great work, and by that little red ball.

• Map of The Yukon: On the back wall of my workspace there is a big map of the Yukon. I was told that I was free to remove, it but I really like having it there. It reminds me about the people I’m designing for, and how amazing this territory is.

• My telephone: When I first came into the office, I saw the telephone and assumed that it would act as a great paper weight, but not much more. Texting and online communication is so prevalent in my generation that phones seem like a thing of the past. But my phone has already gotten a lot of action this week, with lots of calls from people in the Aasman office, and even one from CBC radio asking for an interview about my typography animation!

• The zoo: On Tuesday morning, I had my first every client meeting. Most of the larger meetings here take place in this area, called the zoo. It has a very comfortable and casual feeling, and the whiteboard walls allow for wildly creative brainstorming. I look forward to having many important meetings in here.

• The plants: The studio has a bit of a jungle vibe going on, with creepers stretching along the ceiling and plants on most people’s desks. I brought in a tiny little Gerbera plant on my first day, and it fits in nicely next to the other plants that were already on my desk.

• The tools: Aasman has no shortage of excellent tools for creative expression. There are blades, rulers, paints, and printers. One thing that I love is that printing EVERYTHING is highly encouraged. It is much easier to critically examine a design if it is on paper, and I have already put the Aasman printers to very good use.

• The tea: There is plenty of delicious tea and coffee always available at Aasman, which keeps everyone happy. The combination of tasty filtered water, high quality tea, and nice mugs makes for a pleasant sipping experience.

• My first completed project: No time was wasted in pairing me with a client that needed a design VERY quickly. I began working on a brochure for the Kwanin Dün Cultural Centre on Tuesday, and after a few revisions, finished it on Thursday! Phew!

Those are some impressions of my first amazing week at Aasman. I’ll keep you posted on all the other exciting action that will undoubtedly happen in the coming months.




by Eleanor

Nice combo of pics and words!


by margriet aasman

I’ve been here too long… it was refreshing to see aasman through a new set of eyes. Makes me kind of happy to be here!


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