If you're an east coaster in Canada there's a good chance you don't live on the east coast. East coasters gravitate to Fort Mac, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Whitehorse or any other place where employment is steady – we're a migrating people. That's why each Christmas scores of islanders and mainlanders are homesick, stuck sipping B.C.- brewed Keiths, checking savings accounts and planning for trips home next year. (or maybe the year after.)

Three years ago I was in that boat – my first Christmas away from Nova Scotia – and found myself on YouTube one afternoon searching in vain for a commercial that said loudly and proudly: HOME! When I finally found it I began posting it to siblings' and friends' Facebook walls and the reposts began instantly. There was a connection, this was my generation's childhood  in under two mintues.


This spot was created when Sobeys was a regional player, not a national chain, so you'd never see an ad like this from the grocery retailer today. Nonetheless this spot works online – in the emotions of thousands of displaced east coasters, Sobeys has an opportunity to restate its position as the longtime authority in kitchens from Balls Creek to Quispamsis. Imagine being able to "gift this" to friends via Facebook courtesy of Sobeys, so simple.

That idea's free Sobeys, Merry Christmas!



by Corey Bradbury

we always shopped at the Food Village, even when I was home this past year, I avoided Superstore (Dominion back home) and shopped only Sobeys for the memories, haha.


by SF

Food Village, what kind of bulls**t is that?  Sobey is where its at…always has been, always will be.  Sobeys is a born and bred Maritime success story, you gotta support that…


by Corey Bradbury

haha the “Food Village” were Sobey’s large grocery stores!


by SF

Well its a good thing!! Lol


by Kirsten

First thing when I arrive includes a trip to Sobeys dairy aisle for some Scotsburn EggNog (real eggnog). And the convienently located NSLC… where they take pride in display and cleanliness!


by Corey

I sense someone can’t wait to get home :)


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