Have you seen this latest ad for Guinness beer?

It's emotionally moving—aided strongly by the contrast of breathy symphonic music paired with sweaty sportsmen giving their all, as well as the deep and slow narrator's voice.

As far as I know, Guinness has never positioned itself as a guzzle-on-your-tailgate party drink but this ad moves beer advertising into a new realm. What does it say about masculinity? What does it say about the Guinness brand? How might it impact beer drinking sports fans?

What does the sign-off line "The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character" mean to you?



by Margriet Aasman

Ok, after one look at it I feel a bit taken in… I am a woman and it is pulling on my emotions… am I the target audience? Or is it guys? Or do they want me to feel so good and proud of them for this that I now condone/encourage guys to drink their beer… It is an excellent change from the usual and definitely more respectful to women (by not using them), and that makes me really happy. But guys, what do you think about this ad?


by Eleanor

I agree margriet. very curious about the guy perspective. but perhaps more ladies will be buying guinness too.

Here’s another video changing the game of masculanity. Takes a new approach to rap music videos. Very refreshing:



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