If you're a company, your signature usually exists as an inspiring sentence. At Yukon Energy, it's "your needs power what we do", at The Old Log Church Museum, it's "Yukon's Spirited History" and here at aasman, it's "branding on purpose."

But what happens when you're an individual such as a Canadian musician? It's not so easy to attach a slogan to your name. Signature clothing, on the other hand, can say a lot.

So today I bring you a blog by David Shumka at CBC3 about some of Canada's greatest musical fashions.

A few thoughts to ponder during this inspiring slide-show and all this week while Fashion Week goes on in Toronto  and Vancouver.

• What do these clothes say about these individuals? or about Canada?

• Does your business have a dress code? What effect might clothes have on client relationships?

• What about your personal brand? Do you have a signature style or piece of clothing? What about a motto to live by?



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