If the sign on your door says "open until 2am," don't put up a "closed" sign at 10:30pm!
Part of having a brand means more than just creating it, or even implementing it—it means keeping the brand promise…. and keeping it and keeping it.  
No matter who you are. Period. Otherwise it doesn't work. Reliable quality is what keeps a client or customer returning. It's a seemingly frequent trap in this city: a new company makes a big splash, sets our expectations high, creates a buzz, then… poof…. becomes unpredictable. 
Treating a client like they might go elsewhere tomorrow (or in five minutes) is key to longevity in a relationship. Give them more, and keep giving it. Give them something better than what they asked for, not less.
I'm not sure where the slogan "On Yukon Time" stands these days, but for businesses, I'd like to see it become a thing of the past. It can still apply for leisurely tourists who're invited to spend another relaxed day doing what they want, when they want—but they're not going to stay if the sign says open and the server says "we're closed," and neither will the community.
P.S. The lemon pound cake was very good once we convinced them to let us in, and convinced them to reopen the kitchen, but note that not everyone demands delivery so stubbornly and may just take their business elsewhere.

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