As the week wraps up, I thought I would give you a brief look into what I have found interesting in the world of art and design on the web.

Here is a piece of exceptional digital illustration combined with in-depth historical research. A TV channel from the UK called “Yesterday” commissioned a series of modern-day re-imaginations of famous historical figures. The original portraits were digitally manipulated to create an image that shows what the figures could look like today, taking into account what we know about their personalities and lifestyles. My favourite is the one of Hipster Shakespeare, with his plaid shirt and pierced ears.

Scientists at Harvard recently performed an experiment which yielded some beautiful results. Using complex chemical reactions, they were able to create the shapes of flowers on a microscopic level. Crystals can be made to grow in specific, predictable ways, and these scientists harnessed that power to create the miniscule creations you see below.

A new cheese shop in Brazil has created one of the cleverer business card designs I have ever seen. It has all of the relevant info about the shop, and it doubles as a functional cheese grater. I think this is a very effective way of giving a bit of value to future customers, and I hope the shop is successful.

Photographer Ulric Collete from Quebec City created a series of photographs that looks at genetic similarities. He seamlessly stitches together the faces of two family members to create these fascinating and slightly creepy results.



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