You’ve probably heard about the busy Dalhousie University Puppy Room helping stressed out students relax during exam time. It’s a great idea and genuinely helpful for students, but what are the implications for the Dalhousie brand? What is your brand's puppy room?

There is a real science behind this but to put it simply – Brands are people’s perception of you. In this instance we can almost collectively agree that Dalhousie University seems to value outside of the box thinkers, the well-being of students, creativity and new ideas. The puppy room, at basically no cost to the institution, is doing more to shape their brand among future students and parents than probably any marketing campaign of the last decade.

That’s not to say it will mean a jump in enrollment next fall. It just mean's a larger student and parent audience will hold a fresh and positive perception of a school they're in the midst of considering for 2013 or 2014.

So, the question is, what’s your puppy room? How can you apply this thinking to your business or organization? If your brand centres on a customer experience, what have you done to inject life into that experience lately?

Did the actions of a local Whitehorse company change your perception of them recently? Was it for the better? Let’s have a chat in the comments section below.



by kylewith

My question is, does Aasman have a Puppy Room?


by Neil Stephen

Hey Kylewith - WE WISH! We do have a Zoo though, so maybe we can snag that IKEA monkey. It’s a good question though, I think our puppy room is our offices generally. For many clients we hope it’s a welcoming, creative and exciting space to visit.


by Margriet Aasman

Puppies…. it is kind of hard to think of a puppy room as an abstract concept. With Dalhousie it is intended to provide stress relief and show that they care for their students in a unique way. But ok… here’s a Whitehorse experience. Went to get a much needed coffee at the Chocolate Claim. Looked in my purse, no wallet. OH NO, no coffee. The girl behind the counter said, no problem, I know you… here you go… ok, maybe not overly innovative, but I sure felt like a cared for valued customer.


by Jodie Thomson

Here at Inkz… our entire office is a cat room.

Not sure what that says about our brand. ;)


by Eleanor Rosenberg

I think our puppy room is the zoo. the you can draw on the walls and it’s a leave your judgements at the door kind of place…. but then again, maybe the new swarm space is the puppy room. quick meeting? do it while playing pool…. yeah…. we also play fetch all the time with the abundance of red balls ... does that make us the dogs?


by Neil Stephen

Jodie, what do you think it says about your brand? You guys are pretty frisky when it comes to client ideas? Sorry - couldn’t help myself.


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