Why is it so difficult to write blog posts in the summer in the north? Lots of reasons. I want to get your thoughts on that in a moment. It's Autumn now and my fingers are feeling more inspired to write about branding—must be the cooler weather (?)

The shift of seasons is an exciting time. It's particularly action packed for me because I'm showing a newbie around town and wanting to highlight why Whitehorse and the Yukon are great. How do I show the Yukon brand?

We had a touch of summer, the fall colours are out, the northern lights performed, the people are friendly–we've done the Larger than Life bit. But it's the transition season. Sometimes I feel like the Yukon has a split identity. In the summer it's the land of the midnight sun and in the winter it's nights of dancing skies and sparkling snow.

So my question for you is, what is it that ties the city and the territory together through all four seasons? How do you introduce the Yukon brand to your visitors?



by Doug Brown

The People. The skies are nice but it’s the folks at Aasman, and in the Yukon, that make you want to come back.


by Eleanor Rosenberg

Thanks Doug. I hear that compared to other Canadian cities we’re doing real well on the friendly front!


by margriet Aasman

It never did feel right talking about the Yukon as the land of the midnight sun in the middle of winter. Pristine wilderness ties it all together. You have to venture beyond the city limits for that, avoid the areas that too many people visit, hope that exploration and mining do not encroach too much upon it… and tread softly.


by Eleanor

I agree Marg, it’s a tricky balance, because it’s great to get off the beaten path, but I feel guilty when I step on all those multi-colour lichens and mosses.


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