If you're loving the Yukon right now—the heat, the long light, short pants and flowy dresses—you'll love this campaign. Five bloggers are road-tripping through the Yukon and sharing their experiences through the Canadian Tourism Commission's Tumblr as part of Keep Exploring's Journey to TBEX—"an epic journey to the world's largest gathering of travel bloggers and new media content creators." These Yukon road-tripping bloggers have been at it for only a day so far and the photos are classic. So if you feel like road-tripping but can't, follow theirs—they're posting during all waking hours, which as you know are plentiful!

Thoughts on the campaign?

Promoting tourism using social media… can someone send me on one of these trips please? Corey? Zeke?




by Eleanor

Follow it with #Yukon1x1 on twitter!


by Albert Jagt

Al your picture in 1961 sent me on a road trip of “this is your life” i was reminded of so much , what is your second language?
your older friend



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