Macklemore hella loves Whitehorse.

In branding, the first step is recognizing that a brand is everything about how you are perceived–it's far beyond the logo and is everything from the clothes you wear in a meeting to the internal dialogue spoken by visitors to your website.

Even as an individual person you possess a brand. The second step is knowing that you can control your brand—something rap star Macklemore gets. You might be familiar with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis from their 2012 hit Thrift Shop. They're down with velcro and onesies but $50 tshirts are a downer. There's more to their brand than second hand clothes though.

In this short documentary (15 mins), Jabari captures some great making-of footage from Thrift Shop. He also interviews Macklemore about controlling his own brand and what it means to run his business without a label. His definition of success is not about signing with a record deal, it's about connecting with his audience.

What's your definition of success for yourself and your work?


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