I’ve been telling my friends how amazing the Yukon is for years but hardly anyone comes to visit! It’s hard for people down south to transcend stereotypes of the cold rugged north enough to book a trip. You and I know that once you get here it’s unforgettable, but getting them here is a challenge—a challenge that Tourism Yukon is up for every year.  

Part of their strategy is a publication called the Yukon Vacation Planner (available at Visitor Information Centres). Aasman has been spearheading the design of the publication for years and we’re proud to see the 2015 version on shelves now. One of the reasons it’s such a successful product is the lengths we go to supervising the reproductive quality of the images.

In October Krysten Johnson and I made our annual pilgrimage to Montreal to do a press check on the magazine. Krysten was learning the ropes of what a press check really involves: waking up at 3 am to practice French in a factory filled with porno mags while peeping at little dots of colour through a magnifying glass… seriously. 

I won’t bore you with the technical details other than to say that our job was an important one. We made sure the psychology of colour worked in the Yukon’s favour—from the hottest fall colours to the brightest blue skies and the healthiest skin tones to the clearest details of wildlife. 

When you retell a story people can sense the excitement in your voice and a printed photograph is no different. The quality of ink and paper can make or break a trip to the North. 

Flip through the electronic version of the Yukon Vacation Planner.
Will fly for quality poutine... signing off until the next press check – KJ and ER


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