(We're using the above photo without permisson, we really hope photographer Alistair Maitland doesn't freak out on us, we just love the photo.)

The last 12 days have featured a barrage of never-ending Yukon Quest related images, tweets, videos and status updates.

With over 17k likes on Facebook, 1.4k followers on twitter, 800 YouTube subscribers and over 380k video views, not to mention the thousands of "likes," comments and shares, it's hard to argue the Quest's social footprint.

It's a big deal for three key reasons.

  1. It makes a largely inaccessible race highly accessible— greatly improving the Quest's ability to package its product to partners/funders/sponsors. (Proof? Here's a Globe and Mail article)
  2. It serves to underscore just how serious race officials and organizers take the health and safety of the mushers and their dogs.
  3. It allows people like me (insert totally unengaged and ignorant person from away comment here) to develop an emotional connection to the race. (It's true. I've been following the journey of Rob Cooke since the race began)

Last Saturday, having just left the start line at Shipyards Park, I received a text from my sister in Nova Scotia asking if I'd seen the big sled dog race. Until that moment she had never before known or thought about the 1000 mile competition. Suddenly, she was engaged.

The team handling Yukon Quest social media is from Outside the Cube. In the dark, the cold, with little sleep and across one of the most remote parts of our planet, their work has kept fans informed and built the Yukon Quest brand. Congrats Cubers on a job well done. Now go get some rest.

Follow @yukonneil on Twitter and share your favourite Quest moments in the comment section below.



by Emilie

Thanks for the shout out guys! 

I know the (sleep-deprived but jolly) Cubers on the trail really enjoy keeping fans informed as the Quest’s social media PAWprint continues to grow! ;-)

-Emilie, Outside the Cube


by Alistair Maitland

HOW DARE….you guys can totally use my photo, more because its the Quest’s than mine. Honoured of course.  Much appreciated Neil!



by Neil Stephen

Emilie, that crew does seem to know how to have some fun eh? Alistair, I didn’t sleep last night worrying about how mad you were going to be *sigh of relief*


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