Most of our Director of Digital Strategy’s time is spent locked in his office, masterfully developing complex web codes while fighting off pesky A-level bugs. It’s his happy place — so who can blame him? However, it also means there is much you likely don’t know about “Zeke the Geek” …

Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Mr. Ezekiel Aasman (in his own words):

1. I’m a closet Obsessive Compulsive. I wash my hands A LOT and can be meticulous about ridiculous things such as the closet shelf I’ve been working on for 18 months, while leaving other things completely un-attended that really deserve some attention – like the hair on my head!

2. I don’t really like to play many team sports. I get bored with those. It’s all biking, snowboarding and fishing for me, in the spirit of being “free” (the only competitive aspect is trying to best my buddy). I think I’m going to try yoga next.

3. The next destination I’d like to go, if I could go anywhere? Kathleen Lake. I’ve heard the fishing is great there. 

4. I don’t have any tattoos, but I have lots of biking scars. Years ago, I took a spill that resulted in some pretty good road rash across my chest, which had me wondering if I may have lost a nipple for good. I planned to tattoo a sprocket in its place, but when things healed up the nipple came back. It did take about ten years for the last bits of asphalt to grow out from that one, so it was almost like a tattoo for a while!

5. My middle name is Harm, named after my Dutch grandfather on the Aasman side. In Canada, his name translated to Harry. Paired with my nickname, the Assman, that makes quite the punch, don’t you agree?

6. I'm often embarrassed, and I rarely learn my lessons. While chain sawing one time, I learned where the protection in my protective chaps stops protecting. In a moment of carelessness I cut through the four layers of clothing I was wearing, including my boxer briefs. I considered myself extremely lucky when I looked through the 4”-long slice in my pants and saw my bare white leg, without a scratch on my skin to be seen. That’s what you call pure dumb luck. Emphasis on the dumb.

7. My guilty pleasure is pop music. But I only dance in the kitchen. Right now, my theme song is Stressed Out by 21 Pilots. The kids and I really dig that one.

8. If I could have any job, besides the one I have now of course, I would be a Luthier. I would just need to learn how to live on the cheap.

9. My favourite meal is crepes (or waffles) and whip cream.

10. I’ve known Rona (my wife) for as long as I can remember, but growing up it was only by name. It was after we both moved back to the Yukon that I asked her to a Kim Beggs show. It was small. Kim played guitar for, like, 15 people in Steve's Music Shop. She sang about her little red pickup truck. Rona liked my hand-knit sweater, and I liked her company. We’ve been best friends ever since.




by Margriet Aasman

Wonderful… a way for a mother to get to know her own son… although I am not surprised. Love the song by 21 Pilots… that says a lot about Zeke!!


by Eleanor

Ha! Thanks so much for sharing. I feel like this information explains a few things about the guy. Like, why every responsive web design has to work perfectly with obsessive detail on every platform / browser / etc before it goes live.


by Doug Brown

Zeke I’d say you’re out of the closet now with that OC thing!


by Cathy Kalverda

Finally out of the closet and more endearing because of it.  A big hug from you Auntie :))


by Viktor

Hey, Stressed Out is my favorite song too!


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