Last week aasman was honoured with a Frozen Globe Award for Most Innovative Company. We're totally excited about the award, but even more excited about the innovation that's coming out of our office everyday. It's even spilling into this blog—here goes:

Three ways to be more innovative

1. Forget about your product

If you're looking to improve your product, service or brand, don't look at it right in the eye. Look at what's happening around it. Look at the user or audience's experience. First find out what their motives, habits, and interests are. Then consider your product or service and how it fits into that existing dynamic.

2. Listen to the doorman and the cat

Innovation happens at all levels of business. It doesn't have to be restricted to executives or creative-types. Keeping your eyes and ears open to ideas from all staff can give you a competitive advantage.

3. Structure your path to innovation

Salvador Dali held a spoon in his hand while falling asleep. When he nodded off the spoon would clatter to the ground and startle Mr. Dali awake again, allowing him to remember his dreams from a moment ago.

We now know that sleep is important to well-being. Thankfully there are other structured ways to discover opportunities for innovative in your business. There are lots of tools out there, and many of them are fun! I can't tell you our trade secrets in this blog, but if you come visit I might.

According to Vijay Kumar's new book on innovation a dismal 4% percent of innovation projects undertaken by business are proven successful, The remaining 96% fail.

In the North, businesses have lots of opportunities to innovate—it's a way of life. I think we can bump that 4% up a bit. The Yukon is home to the colourful 5%—an innovative folk from dawn to dusk.




by Eleanor

Did anyone feel more compelled to read this because of the cat photos?


by Alex

I did! Cat photos get me every time


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