Us Yukoners are a proud bunch. We’re proud of how we have been able to survive out here on the wild frontier…or so we like to tell ourselves. The truth is today’s “frontier” doesn’t look anything like it used to. Technology has changed the agency landscape to the point where if you are not engaged in collaboration with the outside world, your work is going to suffer.

We’ve embraced this connectivity whole-heartedly. From award-winning work in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to a growing client base in Edmonton to a full-time employee on Bowen Island, to suppliers all over the country, we—and our clients—are realizing that geography is no longer a defining characteristic of quality service and work.

With that in mind, here are 5 reasons why the ability of your agency is more important than its location:

1. Collaboration is as easy online as it is in-office

Mastering Google docs, VPNs, video chats, instant messaging, file-sharing, mural and other collaboration software overcomes many former remote challenges like brainstorming, data sharing and real-time feedback.

2. You can meet face-to-face with anyone, anywhere, anytime

From building rapport to capturing non-verbal communication to eye-contact, there’s no doubt that with today’s video conferencing software, we can communicate effectively no matter where we are in the world.

3. There’s always airplanes

While local knowledge is more available than ever before and collaborating online overcome many of the barriers that remote agencies once faced, it is true that sometimes you need boots on the ground—that’s what airplanes are for. Generally speaking the cost of a few site visits throughout the course of a project is a small fraction of a project’s overall budget. With some well-planned visits, we can get the on-the-ground work done then carry on from a distance.

4. Sometimes different time zones are a good thing

Adapting to different time zones can be difficult at first but with effective project management and experience (like we have here at aasman), it quickly becomes an asset. When we work on the east coast, our 5pm hits and we hand off our work to clients or contractors. By the time our next workday starts in Whitehorse, they’ve already had four hours to get approvals, make changes, provide feedback or advance the work thanks to the time difference. With good organization and scheduling, this 12 hour workday—with no overtime—is efficiency at its finest.

5. Variety is the spice of life

Imagine a life without pad thai, fajitas, butter chicken, weiner schnitzel, sushi or croissants… Pretty plain isn’t it? The same goes for the creative realm. Agencies that provide and receive services from beyond their borders expose themselves to different ideas, issues, and opportunities. They, in turn, expose their clients to this same variety. The result is an environment where creativity can flourish and all parties win.

If an NHL team limited it’s search for players to within its city limits, it would be a lot harder to win. If a person limited their search for a spouse to their high school class, their odds of finding a long-term, high quality relationship would drop. If a Yukoner only ate fruit grown in their own backyard, they’d never know the joy of eating a mango, pineapple, orange…or drinking a margarita. So why would you limit your search for a quality agency to within city limits? Maybe your all-star, high school sweetheart or margarita can be found in your city or maybe you need to look elsewhere to be satisfied. Whichever the case, let the agency’s skill set—not location—dictate your choice.


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