Flaunt Your Flaws

by Krysten

In a post-Trump era, it’s not uncommon to see politicians using populism as a mode of communication, choosing to speak to the “common man” – the everyday folks just like us. It’s smart, really. Communicate with your audience by saying exactly what they are thinking. It’s more real, more authentic,…

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06.28.2017 1 comment

Goodbyes and Hellos

by Krysten

A few weeks ago, the hub to our wheel – Cassandra – spread her wings and rolled on over to a new position at YG. While we miss her greatly, we are so happy that she was able to land a job she has been working so hard to achieve!…

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06.20.2017 leave a comment

How much change is a good thing?

by Jess

We see it time and time again, the struggle brands face to stay current and top-of-mind. But to what extent can a brand change without upsetting the peace or losing valuable brand identity? A valuable lesson from Coca-Cola: In 1985, Pepsi was catching up to Coca-Cola in the legendary cola…

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04.24.2017 1 comment

When purpose doesn’t pan out

by Rona

Put a fearless girl in front of a charging bull, and change a charging bull forever. By now, you may have heard of the “Fearless Girl” statue that was placed before the iconic “Charging Bull" on Wall Street last month by State Street Global Advisors. The girl was quickly hailed by…

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Extra, Extra – Get Us to Read all About It

by Krysten

Many business owners can feel discouraged by the small return on investment they may be getting from traditional media forms. It’s expensive, time consuming and overwhelming for many. However, there is hope! There are many different ways to advertise without spending a dime by using the media that you already…

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1,000 miles of free content

by Jessica

Another year, another Yukon Quest race come and gone. As the Iditarod draws to a close this week, I find myself reflecting on my time spent on the trail for this year’s Yukon Quest and their differing approaches to communication. As part of the Yukon Quest Public Relations team, I…

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Five Fixes for a Fab Focus Group

by Krysten

Consider your favourite TV show for a moment. Chances are, whether it’s still on the air or not, that show has gone through exhaustive target audience testing and analysis. To do this, producers use the ever-so-helpful focus group. vice.com Focus groups have been a staple for decades for not only…

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02.20.2017 1 comment

Meet the Best of Both Worlds

by Cassandra

aasman’s design team has not only grown in size but has expanded horizons from north to east. Give it up for Emeraude our newest designer who is born and raised in the Yukon, and a shout out to Jessica our intern designer from Toronto (Waterdown), Ontario. I’m thankful for the…

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Before you get on the field

by Mike

There used to be two guaranteed things in life: death and taxes. I’d like to propose a third eventuality: evolution. I don’t mean what comes next in that Darwinian drawing (though I feel like it’s a pudgier version of a Terminator with two giant thumbs instead of fingers), I mean…

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