For years, one of our annual traditions at aasman has been a trip to our local hill for Staff Ski Day. It’s built into our calendar year for the sole purpose of having fun. Sima delivers every year—short waits for comfy lifts, black runs for adrenaline chasers, Hailey’s and Pokey for me … :) and plenty-o-giggles about the day’s gaffes in the lounge at sunset.

When Sima was in a financial pinch a couple years back, we were keen to see a healthy rebound. Corey jumped in to serve on the board, along with many community-minded supporters. Aasman took on a lead sponsorship role to assist in marketing their comeback efforts.

With the recent addition of new mountain bike trails, and paragliding and hiking on the rise, summer at Sima was right on track. Winter, of course, has always been a good time at the hill. But the painful “in-between” had yet to be resolved … until this year.

Despite snow being slow to come this fall, the hill opened in early November, thanks to a new initiative by the Friends of Mount Sima and the Yukon government to bring pre-season training to the hill. As sponsors, we were excited to contribute to the marketing drive to raise national awareness of early snow opportunities in the Yukon.

Mount Sima enjoyed its earliest ever open-to-the-public date on November 21st, and riders and skiers have been reaping the benefits of new terrain features carved out for pre-season training. These days you’ll find the hill hopping—especially with recent snows helping to fill in the patchy spots (I’m looking at you, Pokey).

Congrats to our friends at Sima for pushing hard to make hella good things happen at our hill and in our community. See you on the slopes, Yukon!


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