Today we are pleased to announce that round is the new square.

The first change you’ll notice is in our corporate name--we’ve dropped the word “Design.” Not because we don’t do design, but because we don’t like being stuck in a box. Boxes are square.

What we’ve come to realize is that design is really just the conclusion of a process. It’s the part of our work that generates the most interest—it’s the part of the work that everyone sees, but that work STARTS much further back. It starts with an understanding and articulation of our client’s brand and their communications goals and then links the two together with a strategic plan. The design part comes in at the end.

It’s full circle (ROUND) thinking that ensures your communication projects are branded on purpose.

Today’s party is really a celebration of our evolution. We started years ago as a fulfillment agency providing graphic design services. Over the years, working collaboratively with clients like Yukon Health and Social Services, Yukon Energy, Tourism, and many others, we’ve developed strategies that help us to connect our clients brand values with their communications projects to leverage the value already in the brand. Along the way, we’ve discovered that we like the work. We like it a lot.

And so, from a provider of graphic design solutions, we’ve happily evolved into a provider of brand communications solutions.

We have been working in this way for several years, with new internal processes, team structures and collaborative relationships. But today’s event is about formalizing the shift, about announcing that round is the new square.

So think round, think Aasman.


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