Aasman just turned 25. Celebrations for our anniversary have been dominating life in the office, but even so we’ve had time to work on a couple of new projects that we are excited to tell you about.

The first is that we’ve opened an Instagram account. Ever wonder what it looks like inside a design studio? Want to see what inspires our staff? Curious about what those two remote employees are doing in Halifax and Brooklyn? Follow @aasmanonpurpose on Instagram and let us show you!

But even more exciting—you’re looking right at it! This blog is part of our new website. Fully responsive, it’s easy to read on your smartphone, iPad, laptop and whatnot. It’s not done yet though. This blog and our homepage are up today—a snappy introduction to who we are, what we do and a sweet taste of the success we’ve shared with our clients. We can’t wait to show you a snazzy portfolio and show off our talented staff… but we will wait, because what can I say… code wasn’t built in a day!

Enjoy this slice and hey, if there’s a topic you’d like to see us blogging about, let us know in a comment or an email.


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