Here we are, at Christmas’ dawn, in the red aasman headquarters, making the most of our last hours before the holidays to finalize our analysis, strategies and designing the most compelling materials to create emotion and reaction. We are driven by project purposes, but fueled by teamwork, positivity, mutual inspiration and support.

In parallel, each one of us has been working hard, for a while, in search of this perfect gift, this unique meal or this very special gesture that may bring a big smile or a tear of joy to the people close to us. Through this process, we analyze our family and friends’ needs, personalities, feelings, and desires in order to achieve our well-founded goal. Then, we brainstorm about ideas: some crazy, some hilarious, some expensive, some good, some less good, and then narrow it down to the best ones. We realize that some ideas, which first seem exciting, soon reveal a much harder process than anticipated. However, in the end, it is these moments of hard thinking, analysis and counter analysis, and then strategic actions for that magical thing, which make it so special. And of course, the final touches on the wrapping, the tree and the table settings.

Our brand communications work, like holidays preparations, is lined with intention in every aspect. We want to reach the right people, deliver a meaningful message and make it stunning to enhance these relationships. Christmas is one of the best moments to do so, an extraordinary one. But the fact is, we always benefit from being insightful, articulate and compelling.

We want to take this special opportunity to wish you all happy holidays, may you find the way to bring people closer, reach their heart and spread the joy.

Enjoy your holidays and see you in 2014 to share new ideas.

The aasman team


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by Jess

Happy holidays to a group of purposeful, dedicated, and talented individuals. Wishing the aasman team the the very best in 2014.


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