Back in April, Eleanor posted an article in response to the City of Whitehorse's rebranding initiative -- a hot topic at the time. But we haven't heard much about it since. . .

Well, in case you were wondering about the final outcome, the above is the retooled old/new official City of Whitehorse logo and tagline.

After the controversy a few months ago, the dust has obviously settled and the final product has slipped rather quietly into our midst. I think that in itself is worth noting, but I'm wondering if there's any more to say about it.

What do you think? 




by Dave Rogers

I prefer the clean lines of this version over the old one. The horse was pretty snazzy, but it was too focussed on an animal of which there aren’t many hereabouts, and also seemed like it would pass out of fashion before long.

I always thought a great tagline would be “City on the Edge of Forever,” but Gene Roddenberry’s estate might have an issue with that.


by Jennifer

i prefer the new sternwheeler to the old as well. but i still wish the city had hired a proper communications agency in the first place so we would have had some decent options to choose from. anyways…
maybe we could modify that tagline to “City on the Edge”?


by eleanor

I don’t think this rebrand goes far enough at all . There’s a lot of missed potential to make the mark unique.

Look at the end of the steam—those lines could end softly like the water does, now it just reminds us of the missing arc.

And I like the version of the mark at shipyards park. It features the paddle wheel and is more like the Klondike and less clip-artish.

The intention of updating the visual identity is a good one…  I hope it gets done again before being mass produced.


by jennifer

i agree with you Eleanor-the “redux” does leave a lot to be desired, but it’s still more cohesive than the old sternwheeler with that awful font applied to “City of Whitehorse.”
calling this a rebrand is a bit misleading. it’s more like a reheat of leftover/old ideas.


by Rebecca

I agree Eleanor…I don’t even know where to go to voice my opinion on this.


by Geof Harries

I like the new stern-wheeler illustration more than the old/current version. But, next to “The Wilderness City” it makes absolutely no sense. What does an old boat have anything to do with wilderness?

Maybe they should just use “City by the River” if that’s where we’re headed.


by Steven

Just wasted tax money for an ugly design. Ugly font, what’s with the cut off “h”? Colour it blue and add some rounded strokes, this will look like Skype logo. It wouldn’t even cut as Web 2.0 friendly.


by Stacie

Nice of the City to “sneak” it out without some kind of official unveiling, or even so much as an announcement.

And it still sucks! The comparison to clip art is exactly what it makes me think of… with a tagline meant for another picture!


by Dean Williams

I dig it. I could appreciate the controversy and am glad to see a refreshed design on the old idea.

Well done!


by Eleanor

Driving into whitehorse from Dawson on the weekend i saw the new logo on the wooden sign… it was painted black on a dark brown background…. are they really hiding it that much?


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