Did you read this happy Monday morning news story?

A couple from Dawson City is convinced their lives were saved when their carbon monoxide detector awakened them earlier this month.

In addition to the detector they say they have the Dawson City Fire Department to thank. Last year, the fire department handed out free Carbon Monoxide detectors and encouraged folks to have them installed in their house.

This pair is sure glad did! The “silent killer” is impossible to smell or taste and can be emitted from old appliances or furnaces you may never suspect. In this instance, the increased levels were emitted from an old propane refrigerator. 

We know that these gadgets save lives…so, what's stopping YOU from installing one in your house?

We are proud to have collaborated on some home safety projects with Yukon Housing and Yukon Community services. Check out seriouslysimple.ca for information about carbon monoxide as well as the Fire Marshall's facebook page for more ways to be a hero by making your home safe!


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