Nicolas Dory is an aasman web developer by day, and a nature photographer by…well, by any other time he can grab. He currently has an exhibit at Baked Café, running April 9–May 6. I sat down with Nicolas to talk photography, passions and mating calls.

When–and how–did your love of photography begin?  I started with architectural photography, actually, but then began bird watching. It sparked a passion in me.

What is it about nature photography that attracts you?  I love taking the time, whether it’s watching animals or landscapes…I love the process of waiting for those perfect moments to appear in the lens. I love watching animals in their natural surroundings just “doing” life.

What has been your most memorable photography experience?  I am from France and, in Europe, the Shetland Islands is one of the most important seabird colonies. I spent an entire month in this archipelago, between Scotland and Norway, just living in and photographing the nature that surrounded me. It was definitely a memorable experience.

Can you share one of your all-time favourite photos with us?  I took a photo series of deer roaring that I love. Deer in Europe are smaller in size than their Yukon elk counterparts, but come mating season their “roar” blows away the competition. It’s really something to hear.





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by margriet

Your images brings another world into sharp focus. They are magical… especially the beautiful series of the roaring deer.


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