Detail of a ten-foot piece. Photo by Gary Bremner.
You know you have a keeper when your designer can’t stop the creative juices flowing after they leave the office studio. Our art director Eleanor was challenged to put up a show in a very short period of time at Gallery 22. Compiling work she's done in the past (both personal and for her own clients) to the present, she put up an interesting and eclectic show. 
Pieces range from big to small, animal to people, colour to black and white, humorous to serious, and graphic to fine arts. One thread tying them all together is Eleanor’s personal style that is essentially calculating, but flamboyant, playful and overall positive. Her work is intentional, whether it is to illustrate a storybook or to express her own joy with fluttering birds or jazz musicians.
It’s wonderful to see Eleanor’s growth as a designer while at work and how it parallels her own personal growth as an artist. This is evident in her growing confidence and willingness to try just about anything. 
Go have a look at cup half colourful and let your mind wander, enjoy the stories, colours, and the sheer fun of it all. 
Check out Eleanor’s interview in the Yukon News, about her show cup half colourful
Children's books illustrated by Eleanor for sale, and details from two pieces featuring people. Photo by Gary Bremner.
Some smaller works about animals. Photo by Gary Bremner.
Andrea Burgoyne (brigs) and Ryan McNally with posters Eleanor designed. Photo by Gary Bremner.
 Eleanor explaining an artwork to its new owner. Photo by Gary Bremner.



by jennifer

it is a great show. and the opening was a lovely lively party with cool music, delicious food and friendly, creative people—an excellent reflection of/complement to both eleanor and her art.


by Eleanor

Thanks Jen! and Thanks Marg for the nice post. What a rush and a great night that was.

The gallery is open daily until Aug 6.


by Doug Brown

Way to rock the walls Eleanor.


by Eleanor

Thank you Doug.


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