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Yukon Emergency Measure Organization (EMO) turned up the heat on their Facebook page last week during the annual ShakeOut event—an international earthquake drill that got folks to drop, cover and hold on during their work day.

If you live in the Yukon, you likely recognized a face or two of the many territorial government employees who registered to participate. They weren't the only ones to join in though. Many schools, a few families and other businesses did, too. Who said safety can't be fun, right?

 So why bring it up here? At aasman we do a lot of social marketing campaigns and we often ask our clients to consider a silly or fun approach to a serious subject. A huge part of any campaign is getting your audience to see their actions as part of the desired change. Taking a selfie under your desk is a very physical example.

 Also, I grew up terrified of earthquakes, so I appreciate this campaign's efforts to take the edge off.

If you have to—drop, cover and hold on, people! …and Kudos to EMO for joining the international initiative.


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