We all do. But what about while you are driving? 

If you do...then you better read up!

We’ve just launched an important new driving safety campaign for Highways and Public Works, Motor Vehicles Branch.

Did you know that young women between the ages of 19 and 25 are the major culprits of texting while driving?

Did you also know that taking your eyes off the road for more than two seconds doubles your chances of crashing?

Or that texting & driving causes even more collisions than drinking & driving?

Sadly, it’s all true.

So why do people text and drive? We heard lots of reasons — because they won’t get caught… because there aren’t many other drivers on Yukon roads… because it will ONLY take a quick second… because of their fear of missing out on something important (FOMO).

Our goal then was to target these young women and remind them that their so–called lifeline can be a dangerous distraction on the road. A killer, some might even say.

So we thought of all of the things she could be missing out on outside of her car. Things like the picturesque Yukon mountains, the sparkling emerald waters, oh… and Snowball, her neighbour’s cat who just appeared out of nowhere…

So what are you missing out on? Maybe next time you hear that text chime, take a second to remember that whatever it is, it can wait.

Take the pledge and LEAVE THE PHONE ALONE!


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