People engage in branding exercises for a number of reasons, but in the end, there has to be a return on the investment. Can you measure the ROI on branding?
The Old Log Church Museum did.

aasman worked with the Yukon Church Heritage Society for two years, clarifying its brand — its fundamental purpose, values and differentiation — and then developing communications tactics to position “Yukon’s Spirited History” in the marketplace.

But what’s even more important is: the client got it. The Yukon Church Heritage Society embraced the concept and began to align itself and its product around the new brand focus. They got it, and then they got the numbers too.

As of October 1, the total number of visitors to the Old Log Church Museum was up 44% from the previous year, admission revenues were up almost 40% and museum shop sales were up 227%.

Now that’s a brand with purpose.




by Jennifer

I had a great time working on this project. The client was really receptive to new approaches and the creative was fun to develop. I’m really proud that, as a collective (client team and aasman team), we produced measurable bottom-line results through a thoughtful, creative and focused process. Feels good.


by Jon Gel

I love the branding on this - nice work!


by Al

Thanks Jon—we’re kinda partial to it ourselves. It holds a lot of potential for different conceptual approaches, all centred on the same brand values.


by margriet aasman

Congratulation Linda, Len and Tara. You were great to work with. I applaud you all for the wonderful work you did on your gift shop… and look at the numbers! Can’t wait to see what you do next year.


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