Compelling communication is like an apple. It’s got a shiny red exterior to attract attention, tasty and nutritious pulp to sink your teeth into, and a seed core that holds the DNA— the essence of being an apple.

At aasman, we see communications projects as apples. We get to our client’s brand truth in order to articulate the right message (the core). Then we build on it to create compelling communications with a strategic focus, always keeping what the target audience needs and wants to know at top of mind (the substance).

Finally, in order to get the message, the audience has to bite, so we make sure that we “sell it” by buffing the exterior. Through the innovative tactics, robust copy and distinctive design of the shiny red exterior, we make sure it all goes down easy.

Creating communications campaigns and initiatives that satisfy your audience is a challenge for every organization. Many look around and see creative and captivating shiny red exteriors and think, “I want that too.” These companies then spend a lot of time and energy buffing up a shiny red exterior for themselves.

Unfortunately, if you expend all that energy on the exterior and little on the substance, you could be left with nothing but a shell. If that’s the case, there’s a good chance whatever you do will leave your audience with a bad taste in their mouth.

Next time you need to launch a communications project, be it a website, a press release, a campaign or something as simple as an internal memo, try building off of your brand’s DNA core then grow outwards. Keep doing that and I guarantee that your communications will become much more fruitful.



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