A few weeks ago, the hub to our wheel – Cassandra – spread her wings and rolled on over to a new position at YG. While we miss her greatly, we are so happy that she was able to land a job she has been working so hard to achieve! Lucky for us, she’s only a few blocks away, so she has no excuses to not drop by for a visit.

As is tradition however, we wanted to take the time to introduce you to our newest Aasmonite, Alainnah Whachell, who fits right into our aasman family and already runs the show with ease at the front desk.

KJ: So Alainnah, how long have you lived in Yukon?

AW: A long time. I grew up here and then basically left I soon as I could. I had big city curiosities that took me South for awhile! But I have been back for five years.

KJ: Seems to be the norm. People can’t stay away for long! What made you come back?

AW: I enjoy the vast amount of natural space up here and feel very inspired by the sublime wilderness.

KJ:  What were you doing before you came to work for us?

AW: I was working at the Yukon News.

KJ: A newspaper girl! Just like me. What was one thing that interested you in working for aasman?

AW: I heard it was a great company to work for and I really enjoy being in a professional creative environment.

KJ: Speaking of creativity, I hear you are a creative type gal! Can you tell me a bit about your current art show?

AW: For sure! Currently at Arts Underground I have a solo art exhibition! The show is a collection of works from the past two years that include:  8 feet long blue lips that glow in the dark, a pair of jeans, and beaded tapestries. It’s closing soon, so I invite people to check it out!! The picture above is one from the show.

KJ: That’s amazing! Can’t wait to check it out. What’s one place you wish you could travel to next?

AW: New Orleans!!

KJ: What are your favourite tunes to work to?

AW: Recent tunes have been: Wilco, Cat Power, Abra, Bill Callahan, J Dilla, Jolie Holland, Arthur Russell … and many more!

8. Preferred flavour of chip?

AW: Plain chips. You’re never disappointed!

KJ: You guys and your plain chips! You’ll fit right in with Rory. Any special hidden hobbies you have?

AW: Oh jeez. None of my hobbies are hidden:)

KJ: Well, now I just need to know what they are! Guess I’ll find out soon enough. What’s a “Yukon” trait you have?

AW: Definitely the need to "get out" of the territory every now and again!

KJ: I hear ya. I don’t think that’s just a Yukon trait! If you could pick a different era of history to live in, which would it be?

AW: To live in Paris in the late 50’s!

KJ:  So classy! OK. Last one. If you could describe yourself using only an emoji, which would you choose?


KJ: Cool, chill. Seems fitting. Can't wait to get to know you more, Alainnah! Welcome to the fam. 


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by Margriet Aasman

Saw your show! Especially love the beadwork. Welcome to Aasman.


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