The Yukon is a small community with an even smaller business community.  This can have its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, we are like a close family–when there are issues or problems we can often turn to other local businesses for support and/or advice. However, in such a small marketplace our neighbours are also our competition. 

Sometimes in an attempt to position our business or company with clients we might fall into the bad habit of directly or indirectly speaking ill of the competition.  Slamming other companies always looks petty and tacky and it can even make a client feel foolish if they had chosen a competitor first.

We all want to shine and to highlight what sets us apart from our competition–and that is healthy.  But remember to showcase your company’s transparency, honesty and integrity–be positive about your company, not negative about someone else’s.  Smart marketing is about demonstrating commitment to clients from sale to delivery of the product, and even with a follow-up to determine the client’s satisfaction.

What types of things do you do to sell yourself to your clients and customers? It never hurts to re-evaluate your own business practices.


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by Jerome

Now that blogpost title and illustration are ballsy.  Just what I’d expect from Aasman.  I think you guys are great!  Great!  But I am better.  HAHA.  Wow, that works really well.  I’m feeling good.  :)


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