What do we truly fear when trying to communicate a message?  Is it that the message will be misunderstood?  Or is it that there will be criticism toward the delivery of our message?  Or maybe it’s that our message will be completely ignored all together?

No matter what we do, all of these fears (and probably more) are likely going to happen.  There is so much noise in today’s world that you can’t avoid the fact that people will choose to ignore some of it.  And rest assured, no matter how amazing your ideas are, there’s always going to be some way to make them better, and someone who thinks they could have. Even verbal messaging can be misunderstood – you would be surprised how often that is the case.

Therefore, if we’re aware that all of the above is going to happen no matter what we do, then I ask again: what do we truly fear when we are trying to communicate a message?  Failure – whatever we think failure is or how we determine the success of a campaign. The thought of failure can completely immobilize the best of ideas and the most creative of strategies. 

The most successful people in this business are the ones who accept their failures and keep moving forward.  We can get hung up on the notion that something will fail, and if it does, then we must keep looking ahead. 


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by Eleanor

I like your conclusion Corey. I recently watched a TED talk about vulnerability that says people who risk expressing their vulnerability have the capacity for deeper human connections and greater rewards. I think the same can be said of marketing. A innovative idea may fail, it’s true, but it’s potential for groundbreaking impact is real and worthwhile.

You can watch Bene Brown’s “the power of vulnerability” at: http://tinyurl.com/2besfwh


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