I’ve met very few clients in the past 35 years that didn’t expect results. Really. Okay there have been more than a few “just wanting a logo” types. You can’t really identify them by the way they wear their hair or by a typical colour of shirt. They don’t walk funny.

They’ve all got a good idea though and a few might read like a “Field of Dreams” strategy. They’ve built their ballpark and now they’re ready for the cash paying fans to show up to see the game.

Most know that getting results that matter starts with a good plan. It’s like a good physical work out. There’s great payback if you’re committed to get the results. And it doesn’t matter whether your plan is to increase your number of haircuts by 50% or inoculate 90% of the population. Communications without a plan for results (planned and measured) is just noise.

What does noise achieve? It’s out there–loud and everywhere–on the radio, our local papers, on the street, in the mail, on your cell phone, in your Facebook page, on your phone bill, on a bizarre myriad of snow and frost covered pointless sandwich board signs on Whitehorse streets, on the phone truck, in the phone book, on every transit bus, and on a growing number of downtown building exteriors. From retail to corporate to social marketing, is it having an impact? is it making change? is it getting results?


Or is it just noise?


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by Geof Harries

Great post, Trevor,

Furthermore, a plan without good execution is just that, a plan.

You bring up some examples of social media in the digital channel, e.g. mobile phone and Facebook. I believe especially in these venues, it’s key to first listen and learn from your customers - to find out what people think about, care about and talk about - and from those discussions, learn what you’re doing right or wrong, discover new ideas and possibly un-earth stories you didn’t know about.

If you can then figure out what your organization has that can bring value to these customers, you can connect with people and build a personal relationship with them. That’s producing noise that actually matters.


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