inCharge has been busy of late with a new ad campaign, new website, and point-of-purchase rebate materials. We interviewed our fantastic partners on the job — Janet Patterson (Communications Manager at Yukon Energy) and Stephanie Whitehead (Energy Conservation Advisor) to get their take on all the latest happenings.

RA: You’ve recently launched an inCharge advertising campaign. What were your goals going into it?

YE: We think everyone knows that conserving electricity is good for the planet. The message we wanted to get across with this campaign is that it’s also good for the customer. Conserving electricity can provide quality and comfort (e.g. better quality lighting with the new LED lights) and convenience (e.g. set your block heater timer, plug it in, and forget about it). We also wanted to remind people that simple acts can result in significant savings.

RA: Who are you trying to reach with your message?

YE: We were looking to go beyond the “early adopters” who have already done everything they can to make their homes or businesses more energy efficient. We wanted to reach Yukoners who perhaps lead very busy lives and who may not realize how quick and easy it is to conserve, and how simple actions can improve their quality of life.

RA: What is the most important thing you want to get across with this latest campaign?

YE: That conserving electricity isn’t about making sacrifices; it’s about making simple choices that result in savings to the pocket book and can mean a more comfortable lifestyle.

RA: There’s a new inCharge website ( to go along with the campaign. What can people expect to find there?

YE: As much as possible we wanted the new website to be a “one stop shop” for people looking for information about electricity conservation in Yukon. There are lots of tips about how to conserve, some interactive tools to help people figure out how much electricity they are using and where they could save, and there is information about the rebate and other programs offered through inCharge. People can now submit their rebate forms online (something they couldn’t do before). There are also links to programs offered by the Yukon government’s Energy Solutions Centre and others.

RA: The campaign has been in the marketplace for a couple of weeks now, and you’ve been doing a great job of being “social” on social media, responding to commenters— both positive and negative. What’s been the overall reaction to the campaign, and the website? Have you had much uptake on rebates?

YE: The ad campaign was meant to be cheeky and give people a bit of a chuckle or at least a roll of the eyes before going to our website. A lot of people have told us they love the campaign, but there has been some negative feedback on our Facebook page. Love it or hate it, people are definitely going to our website. The numbers are way up from our old site, as are the number of rebates being submitted.

RA: So, if people want to take advantage of the inCharge rebate program, where should they start?

YE: The best place to start is by going to the website If people have questions, they can call 393-5333 or email

RA: Well, thanks for taking the time to fill us in! As people take in the message, hopefully we’ll start seeing a lot of small changes in electricity conservation habits out there.

​ ​​ ​

Speaking of which, I just added “Buy a mechanical block heater timer” to my weekend to-do’s. It’s chilly out there all of a sudden. Don’t want to get caught paying while I sleep!


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