There is no doubt we can be just plain mean over the Internet, but has our online sass started invading our offline lives?

When on a date, out with friends or at a party, do you find yourself spending more time looking at your phone screen than your living, breathing company?

Do you have a need for instant gratification?

Do you have a shorter attention span than usual?

Do you have a decreased ability to make eye contact?

Do you present an enhanced image of yourself online?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, you might want to rethink your social media usage.


Clinical psychologist Dr. Joti Samra blames people’s bad manners over the Internet and offline on the way they are forced to communicate.

“When we’re limited to words, we lose the non-verbal component and often messaging gets lost in translation,” she was quoted as saying in a recent article. “In the Twitter age you are communicating a message in 140 characters. We are losing the art of conversation, we’re learning to communicate in very short sound bites.”

While I am still an advocate of smart social media use – it is a tool with a huge reach and value – I know that all the tweets in the world can’t replace a good ol’ fashioned conversation. So with that, I’ll make sure to tweet out a reminder for the next Business After Hours, and I hope to chat with you there!


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by Dad

I agree 100%. We have left our ability to use our social and relational gifts the way they were originally meant to be implemented. Well said Krysten.


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