You've seen it in the newspaper. You've seen it on Facebook, radio, posters, on a stage, on a t-shirt. There are even mascots. Word of mouth is rampant. This is an issue people care deeply about. It's incredible to consider how many channels of communication are making this true. I'm not here to take a stance (beyond the effectiveness of communication), but today is the last day to share your opinion with the planners. Have a read and follow the links to give your feedback. I'm interested to know where/what/or how you first got interested in the issue. For example, what role did online ads play?

The Peel on Wikipedia

Yukon Conservation Society and CPAWS  Protect the Peel website

The Peel Watershed Planning Commission

Yukon Government Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan Consultation

Photo by Peter Mather




by Shannon Lawrence

Hey there,
I found out about it through CPAWS because I was researching them for work.
best of luck,


by Eleanor

Thanks Shannon. I can’t actually remember. Seems like it’s been here for years and has that “always been here” kind of feeling. I certainly saw a lot of facebook ads these last few months though.


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