One of my favourite things about working at a brand communications agency is the team spirit. No two people see the same idea in the same light—many heads are better than one. That's in part why our business is structured to be team focused. Any job that comes in the aasman door gets a bundle of brains attending to it. We challenge each other's thinking every day, and a discussion about WestJet's 2013 Christmas stint is no exception to that fact. Have you seen it yet? I won't ruin the surprise, watch the video for yourself: 

Below are a few aasmanites varying thoughts on the event. Care to weigh in?

AGAINST—the dark side of the holiday

"Maybe playing on material gifts and filming the people is not the best way, even if it works... Last year's Westjet campaign seemed more about just making something special for X-mas"

"Are miracles getting what you asked for? So fleeting... "

"Maybe original ways to create special social gatherings, giving to homeless people, support kid's shows (!) ... is more the way to go... This and warm cookies... ohhh Air North, this is so much better than crackers"

"I don't think the christmas spirit should be happiness at receiving windfall loot is WestJet sincerely giving these people gifts or is it as advertising ploy hoping for viral status. Bah humbug"

FOR—in the spirit of branded giving

"They could have placed several full page ads in national publications for the same price, instead they had some fun and wowed some people. As a brand exercise I think it differentiates WestJet from competitors and reinforces their 'fun, affordable airline' market position."

"What an amazing experience for WestJet staff to work together. I'm impressed"

"They put a lot of "best selling" ingredients together (surprise happening, a suspense story to go through, christmas feel, anonymous people living something together"

"Did it make you cry too? I started tearing up."

"Christmas is a very good opportunity to thank your customers and reinforce their loyalty in a different fashion."

"It seems that their last year's Christmas Flash Mob has been watched 470,000 times It would be interesting to analyze the cost per viewer."

"Talk about a tight deadline, worse that working on an RFP"


If you're wondering how the internet is reacting - It's instructive to watch the #WestJetChristmas hashtag feed on Twitter.


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by Eleanor

Holy smokes. Even my dad who refuses to have email or a computer just asked me if I heard about it!


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