We’ve got a fresh new face in the office! So, as is our tradition, we set out to discover more about our latest addition (hey, that rhymes!), and share with you our findings. So, without further adieu – meet Mike Gravitis, aasman’s newest account manager.

KJ: So Mike, how long have you lived in Yukon?

MG: I’ve been up here for just over two months now.

KJ: Ooh, so you're still a Cheechako! What brought you here?

MG: My wife and I were looking for a change of scenery and a change of pace. She found an opportunity at Northwestel and once she got the gig we packed up the car and drove up from Toronto.

KJ: Well you’ve made a great choice moving up north, but what a long drive. What were you doing before you came to work for us?

MG: I was doing some marketing work remotely for a healthcare company I was with back in Ontario.  When we got up here we were living out of a hotel with our dog, so there was a lot of exploring.

KJ: Yukon is the place to explore, and we're happy to have another dog lover join our team! Can you tell us one thing that interested you in working for aasman?

MG: The focus on working with clients who are looking to define themselves and being able to help them through that process was really exciting. A lot of people market reactively, and aasman takes a really proactive approach that allows them to come up with new and exciting ways to use the tools available to everyone but in a much more focused way. That – and the name.

KJ: Ha. Yes. The name. Good thing we have nearly 30 years of practice on how to pronounce it correctly! So now let’s get to the good stuff. What’s one place you wish you could travel to next? 

MG: Ireland has always been a dream of mine to visit. I have a dream of busking on the streets of Dublin or Galway then going into a pub for the freshest pint of Guinness one could imagine.

KJ: You’ll need to chat with Al.  He was just there, living your dream! Well... part of it at least...

KJ: What are you favourite tunes to work to?

MG: Motown always gets my toes tapping: Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye. Otherwise, I think Flogging Molly and Punch Brothers keeps my energy up.

KJ: Preferred flavour of chip?

MG: Jalapeno (Ms. Vickies). Or regular (boring, right?)

KJ: Any special hidden hobbies you have? 

MG: I’m a singer/songwriter/guitar player so music runs pretty deep. I had a celtic/folk band back in Ontario, and that was probably one of the hardest things to leave behind. From what I hear, though, Whitehorse has a pretty great music scene that I may try to invade. Maybe…

KJ: Please do! What’s something you are looking forward to about our long Yukon winter? 

MG: I’ve always wanted to go snowmobiling so that’s something I’m really excited about. The northern lights have been out a couple of times that I’ve caught since we moved up here, but getting out somewhere remote to watch them is something that I’m excited to do.

KJ: If you could pick a different era of history to live in, which would it be?

MG: I don’t know if this is allowed, but maybe the future? Going back in time usually means losing things like soap or dental hygiene and as fun as that sounds, I’d love to know where we’ll be in 200 years. Looking at how fast technology has been advancing and what impact that will have on the world is a really fascinating idea to me. 

That being said… If I HAVE to choose to go back… hanging out with Shakespeare would be pretty neat.  

KJ: If you had to describe your personality using an emoticon, which emoticon would you pick?

MG: I think this one does it:

KJ: Well thanks for taking the time to allow us to get to know you a bit more, Mike! We are looking forward to getting to hear your Celtic tunes, and fight you over the Ms. Vicki chips. The regular ones are all yours.


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by rona

Mike, welcome to the team! On another note, I plan on living for another 200 years, so I’ll send you a postcard when I get there (a futuristic postcard, that is. Like, a floating thought bubble transported through time and space. Wow, the future is cool).


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