aasman’s design team has not only grown in size but has expanded horizons from north to east. Give it up for Emeraude our newest designer who is born and raised in the Yukon, and a shout out to Jessica our intern designer from Toronto (Waterdown), Ontario. I’m thankful for the extra girl power around the office, and wanted to take this opportunity to get to know them a bit more.

Meet Emeraude:

and Jessica:

CH: So Em, what has made you stick around the Yukon?

ED: I moved back here three months ago from travelling and schooling. Mainly because of the adventure and nature the Yukon has to offer.

CH: I couldn’t agree more! What about you Jessica, what made you venture all the way up here?

JH: Some of you might know Pierre Lacasse (remember his catchy radio commercials?) Well I had a connection to him back in Ontario and he told me stories about this wonderful company, with amazing people, in one of the most beautiful and free places on earth.

CH: Watch out, there is a spell of the Yukon and it may catch you! So what were each of you doing before you came to work with us?

ED: I was working for my own business (Emeraude Photography & Design) and working at the Ridge as a server & bartender.

JH: Living in Ontario with my boyfriend, Alex, two very adorable ragdoll cats and our roommate Jeff. I spent four hours a day commuting to Humber College in Toronto for my final year of the Creative Advertising program there – so that took up some time! I also did some freelance designing, Netflix binge watching, and served at Boston Pizza occasionally.

CH: Wow, you both have been very busy! What was one thing that interested you most about working for aasman?

ED: All the knowledge and expertise this place has to share!

JH: Well, apart from the incredible work that comes out of aasman, I’ve always been interested in relocating (especially to places with super friendly people, surrounded by mountains and amazing hiking trails). But, what really made me want to work here was my phone interview with Corey while he drove his kids to school. It was such a human conversation, and my first interview that I had ever felt comfortable and at ease in.

CH: Well we are very happy to have you ladies and we are all eager to see your hard work. But now it’s time to dig a bit deeper: what is one place you wish you could travel to next?

ED: Greece.

JH: New Zealand. I’m obsessed with mountains and hiking.

CH: Em you are more than welcome to run away with me as I am currently planning a trip there. Jessica, that is awesome! You should talk to Nicolas about all of the hidden secrets New Zealand has to offer. He was just there! Next question: I have witnessed in the studio that music is critical to the creative process, so tell me; what are your favorite tunes to work to?

ED: River flows in you by Yiruma and Tokyo Jellybean by Ingrid St-Pierre.

JH: Indie/ indie-folk. Favourite artists are: Bear’s Den, Novo Amor, Ben Howard, Vincent James Mcmorrow, Daughter, Keaton Henson, Dan Mangan, Frank Turner, and July Talk – just to name a few.

CH: Ok this next question is important: what is your preferred flavor of chip?

ED: Homemade kale chips? Is that a flavour??

JH: Salt and Vinegar.

CH: Em, that is very healthy of you, but I am sure with the right seasoning it’s delicious. Jessica, you have good taste in chips – now I am hungry. Do you ladies have any special hidden hobbies?

ED: Rock climbing, yoga, skiing.

JH: I don’t know about “hidden,” but I play a mean ukulele, and I am currently learning French!

CH: Em since you are a sourdough what is a “Yukon” trait you have?

ED: Being outdoorsy.

CH: Ok, and Jessica as a cheechako, what is one thing that has surprised you about the Yukon?

JH: How at home I already feel here.

CH: If you could pick a different era of history to live in, which would it be?

ED: I’m loving this era, I can’t seem to find one in which I would of liked to live!

JH: I feel like my soul is from the 1900s. I would love to know a world without digital technology, but also to have been there to watch it evolve, and to live in an era of pure “originality” and ideas that end up being revolutionary.

CH: Final question: if you had to describe your personality using an emoticon, which emoticon would you pick?


JH:  because I’m awkward, but mean well:

CH: Thanks ladies! Cheers to you both, we are excited to share our adventures with you!


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by Eleanor

Welcome to the team women! Glad to have you here. Jessica, please bring your cats to the Yukon. I would love to snuggle them!


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