I find it rare to meet born and bred Yukoners up here, but it just so happens that our newest Aasmanites are the real deal – friends from their “Sparks” days (Girl Guides in training) and ready to bring some fresh, new, authentic Yukon spirit to our office.

Meet Jessica and Cassandra. Jessica is our trendy new designer:

and Cassandra is our sunny personality managing the front desk:

​ ​

I wanted to get to know them a bit better, so here’s a recap of my interview with them…

KJ: So tell me ladies, we know you are Sourdoughs, but what’s made you stick around up here so long?

CH: This is home! It’s where my family lives and I love the small city feel. The outdoors – especially the mountains are what keep me here!

JN: The Yukon has always been home for me. I love its closeness to wilderness (hiking, fishing, etc.). I also love the size. I tried the big city thing (Calgary for 4 years getting my degree) and everyone just seemed so rushed and impersonal. I love how I can walk down Millennium Trail and every person that walks by will acknowledge my existence with a simple smile or a friendly “hey.”

KJ: Ok, but what trait do you have that defines you as a “Yukoner?”

CH: Making sure everyone feels warm and welcomed. Literally. Don't want anyone to freeze! (Even though we are all freezing together, haha).

JN: I’m pretty efficient at shovelling a driveway. 

KJ: All very important traits! So what were you doing before coming to work at aasman?

CH: I was working as a substitute teacher/educational assistant. In addition, working as a flight attendant for Air North, Yukon's Airline, where I currently still fly on-call.

JN: I was travelling around Europe for three months and literally went everywhere. Started in Germany, then Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Scotland, and Ireland. It involved a lot of sleeping in uncomfortable bus seats and hauling around a 30-pound backpack, and was completely life altering. 

KJ: Wow! You are both quite the jet-setters it seems. So what was one thing that drew you in to working with us here at aasman?

CH: Jessica…haha. But also, the learning experience of working in a new industry was appealing. I love the responses I get from people when I tell them where I work – in general I hear that aasman is hard-working, down to earth and very creative. It makes me feel proud to work here.

JN: I was returning from my trip in December, just as aasman was hiring for a graphic designer position. I’ve always admired their flawless creative work and attention to detail and it just so happened that the timing worked out perfectly!

KJ: Well, we are so happy to have you both join our team! We hope we live up to our reputation��. Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty...What’s one place you wish you could travel next?

CH: Such a hard question. I would want to go to Europe and visit countries such as Great Britain and Germany because they have deep culture and they are famous for globalization and creating an industrial society. 

JN: The moon. Space has always been extremely fascinating to me. If I could do it all over again, I’d become an astronaut. But being a designer is a nice second pick. 

KJ: What are your favourite tunes to work to?

CH: Anything that is upbeat to stay motivated and can get me to spring into a dance! 

JN: I listen to a mix of everything (except country) but for the most part stick to rap. A good beat is always nice to design to. Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Run the Jewels, Jay Z, Kanye (first three albums only), Childish Gambino, Outkast, etc. 

KJ: Hey, I’m with you both. It’s important to have something that’s upbeat! But I’m a little disappointed that you don’t like country Jessica…we will work on that J Next question: What’s your preferred flavour of chip?

CH: Chips are my ultimate favourite snack, so I like them all. People might think it’s gross, but ketchup will always be my favourite. 

JN: Cool Ranch Doritos.

KJ: Hey! Ketchup is very Canadian. Do you have any special hidden hobbies?

CH: Hmm… besides the normal hobbies such as reading a good book, it would have to be that in the summer I enjoy silhouette target shooting with the gun range in town. 

JN: I really enjoy cooking. I make the world’s best chili (in my humble opinion). 

KJ: If you could pick a different era of history to live in, which would it be?

CH: Another tough one… I would have to go with the 1960s because it was an era of social liberation. Class and social standards were being broken and a new wave of empowerment was being created. 

JN: New York City. 1960s. I’d want to be the Don Draper of the advertising world. Having graduated with a major in advertising, I have a huge appreciation for the creative in advertising that came out during this era. 

KJ: Last one: If you had to describe your personality using an emoticon, which emoticon would you pick?



(in reference to Joe) See below.

Ha! That’s great. Well thanks gals! We are all looking forward to getting to know you a bit more, but this definitely gives us a good start!




by Nicolas

Glad to have you on board ladies!

Jess, we’re all looking forward to taste your chili in our next potluck event. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to create a moon like atmosphere in the studio.

Cassandra, you must have intrigued half of the office at least with your shooting skills. Perhaps a staff gun shooting party at some point?


by Eleanor

Ha! These are great, and a little odd. Jess, between your taste in rap and your humble chilli opinions, you sound like my husband. What does that mean??!!! Though I don’t share the same music taste/cooking skill I’m totally down with cool ranch Doritos and Bruce Willis.

I love those photo and emojis and am so glad you’re both working here. Yay us!


by rona

Jess, you had me at those photos—oh my. And Cassandra, that dog is sheer Yukon perfection. You two clearly belong here with us.


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