Most of the crew here at aasman enjoy the snow, we’re Yukoners after all. If there’s an opportunity to ride, we’re in! And aasman’s next generation is already keen to join in on the fun. So when our friends from the local hill asked for some help with refreshing new website, we couldn’t resist. We jumped on it.

Mt. Sima needed a new website that was responsive, modern, catchy but simple, and that reflected the attitude and culture of the hill. Budget was… well, lots of love from Sima, and the deadline was tight as the season had almost started. So, in the short space one month, we built a custom website ready before the first riders hit the slopes.

The content structure was revised and optimized, the weather widget was simplified, and the images, news and sponsors were put in the forefront. Just like there’s a good run for every kind of skier, we adapted the design to fit every screen, from small phones to enormous iMacs.

Check out for the latest conditions, events and news. We hope you enjoy the new face of your local ski hill, together let’s support Sima and the devoted team behind it. See you there!


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