Ode to inspiring weekends

My design teachers told me that it’s good to diversify my sources of inspiration and be in contact with all kinds of art… Following their wise advice, I like to extend my contact to all kinds of people, activities & rhythms, in all kinds of weather, headspaces & revisited environments.

I spent most of my weekend in the at-first-unploughed Log Cabin parking lot at the Pass, which could sound at first like a relatively lame (a.k.a. “safe”) plan. But add to the story a massive snow dump forecast, an actual metre of fresh snow, a cooperative snowplougher ready to make a little detour in trade for a brownie, a road temporarily blocked by an avalanche, a bunch of highly motivated and creative people ready to overcome any obstacle for a friend's birthday party, frantic shovels, an oversized party tent, courageous dogs, a mysterious backcountry ice cream recipe, colourful wigs, lovely ski turns, an efficient first aid rescue scenario and a Log Roll for the Hawaiien birthday girl and…(breath)…it all suddenly turns into a giant breath of fresh inspiration for the week ahead.

That said, I am definitely saving first prize for creativity to the weather, always surprising us with such different backgrounds and ambiances for every single day we spend out there, winter after winter. It makes our beloved “safe” skiing destination a fun place to "discover again" every time we go.

photo credits: Bridget McClarty and Valerie


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by B

Hey girl

I just shared your blog with a couple of the teachers here, and Greig kept saying over and over “she is a fabulous writer!  That’s amazing!  She should submit this story and photos to Explore Magazine!”

I think so too!!!  Your writing is awesome.

Good job, Val!


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