This silly little JPEG created 93 newsfeed stories, along with 55 likes, 23 shares and 15 comments. In total, over eight thousand Yukoners came into contact with this image last week — Over 8000 at a cost of.... nothing? 

Here's the tip: If you have something to say, something you're considering putting as a status update, see if it's possible to incorporate an image as part of your update. Best case scenario — combine the two as seen above.

Now, we didn't create the image above but we did track its success. Just as we've tracked the success of countless other image-based social updates. The trend line is clear -— a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Here is something you likely haven't considered: the algorithm.

Who and how many people see your posts on the various social sites revolves around unique equations (algorithm's) that calculate the user's likely level of interest in your content. Even for pages with large fan bases or followers, these algorithms often mean only 150 of your 2500 fans actually see your content.

But, if you're posting image-based content that users interact with (view, like, comment, share), it actually changes your page's value in their algorithm and means they'll begin to see more of your day-to-day content.

So, if you're trying to go social and want to have sustained engagement, be a friend and say it in JPEG.

@yukonneil is a JPEG enthusiast, fan of the animated gif and lover of homemade pizza. No JPEGs were hurt in the making of this blog post.


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