Remember that Snap Chat Challenge we told you about a few months ago? Well, we’re proud to announce that we won the 2014 Hermes Creative Platinum award in the Social media Game/Contest category for that innovative idea!

The client? Mic Mac Mall - an institution in Atlantic Canada’s retail market.

The challenge? A week long contest targeting teenagers during March Break. With more and more young people ignoring brands on Facebook, the client agreed to try something new and take a risk. (Lucky for us!)

The Snap Chat Challenge, approved by Snapchat itself, allowed participants to improve their chance of winning a $500 shopping spree by completing daily challenges through the social platform.

And as expected... that risk paid off. The contest more than doubled its reach objective and delivered a new and highly targeted social platform to the client. Mic Mac Mall is now in the company of progressive brands like Victoria’s Secret, MTV and Taco Bell as unique users of this fresh network. It will be exciting to watch this challenge idea take off in other marketing platforms. 

Lesson learned? Taking risks is scary, but also sets you apart. Get to know your target, speak to them in their language. Are you ready for the challenge, Yukon?




by Doug Brown

That is just wicked! Fantastic work and congratulations to all the team at Aasman. Stellar.


by Krysten

Thanks Doug! We are all very excited!


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