Here at Aasman, we take pride in quality. It's a core value. It's part of our brand. We apply numerous strategies to keep ourselves to that task, from creative brainstorms to Photoshop wizardry.

But not long ago, a less glamorous tool came to light, and boy did it shine brilliantly: our archival backups.

Earlier this year, one of our backup systems went down. No worries, we thought, we'll just run the backup manually until we get this sorted out. The next morning, everyone was panicking as their last 2 weeks of work had suddenly disappeared.

It didn't take Paul and I long to see that we had inadvertently over-written both our backup and our working files. Ooops. It took significantly less time for our hearts to sink to our guts. An hour later (including a dreary staff meeting asking everyone to start re-creating files) we remembered about that 3rd redundant archival backup we have.

In a snap, we had everything back up and running. Man I love that 3rd redundant archival backup!

We maintain a digital archive of all the work we've done. And we back it up. Of course we also back up our current working files. Then we back it up again, every night. Then we send another backup home with Paul. After all, how would our brand reputation stand up if we lost all our work to a tired hard drive? Our primary backup drives step in and protect us from the possibility.

What if someone accidently hits the delete button on that system, you ask? As has been proven, our redundant backups protect us even from that.

Crisis avoided, reputation in tact.


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