Flipping through the local in-flight mag today, I was again struck by the bizarre use of Yukon Tourism’s marketing theme mark Yukon: Larger Than Life. 
Bizarre–yeaaah. About 50% of tourism related advertising contained the same marketing mark! To the Outside reader, what does that tell them? Anything?
Sure, sure–there’s some juicy co-op funding support if you use it DOMINANTELY in your advertising. But in today’s competitive marketplace does it make sense that 1 in 2 ads say the same thing–in the SAME publication? That’s not advertising. That’s just noise. 
What would be better? Well, to start with, be truly creative if you want to get noticed. More than 10 words in a tiny full colour ad—don’t do it. Buy a no-colour classified listing. No one reads and retains display ads that aren’t creative and interesting. Test it—it’s true. Never stick a government logo in your advertising–never, ever. Never. Sure the money is tempting, but results are what you really, really want so don’t use your money to help pay for government logo space. It does not sell you and the quality of your business.
Big kudos and gold stars to the tourism industry advertisers in this in-flight edition that understand the conflict and didn’t stick it in their ad.

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