Today we had the pleasure of hosting a grade 10 student from École Émilie-Treblay. The students as part of their curriculum are tasked at looking for possible career options and to research fields they find interesting. Patrick has an interest in technology and in the arts. He heard that Aasman would be a cool place to explore. We introduced Patrick to the staff and gave him a primer on our processes in the studio. Patrick did a wonderful job and performed all his the tasks well. As a last surpise, we had asked him to write a short synopsis of his experience. Patrick, we enjoyed your company. Drop by anytime to say hello.

Hi, my name is Patrick Gallant and I’m a grade 10 student at EET (École Émilie-Tremblay) and I was asked to go work with a company of my choice for a day. This activity is called “Students at Work” and it’s when all the grades 9-10 in Canada go to work where they chose to go.

The company I decided to go work with is called Aasman Brand Communications. This company works on web producing and making pamphlets, etc. for other companies and themselves. My day was awesome. I worked with two guys named Mark and Nicolas. With Mark, we completed a poster that he was doing for one of his clients and I had fun working on some of the projects/jobs that he was working on. With Nicolas, he was showing the sites that he was creating for his clients, the stuff he does is pretty complicated if you don’t know what to do, so I was pretty confused.

But overall I had a really nice day at Aasman and would not mind coming back to work at this company.

Bonjour, je m’appelle Patrick Gallant, je suis étudiant à l’École Émilie-Tremblay et l’on m’a demandé de travailler avec une compagnie de mon choix pour une journée. Cette journée intitulée « Invitons nos jeune au travail » envoie travailler tous les jeunes de la 9-10e années du Canada dans une entreprise de leur choix.

L’entreprise au sein de laquelle j’ai décidé d’aller travailler s’appelle « Aasman ». Cette compagnie travaille sur des sites internet, des brochures etc. pour d’autres compagnies et eux même. Ma journée était super. J’ai travaillé avec deux personnes qui s’appellent, Mark et Nicolas. Avec Mark, on a terminé une de ses affiches sur laquelle il travaillait pour un de ses clients, et nous avons aussi travaillé sur d’autres de ses projets. Avec Nicolas, il m’a montré les site internet qu’il est en train de travailler dessus pour des clients. Les choses qu’il m’a montrées étaient compliquées si tu n’as pas les connaissances requises, donc, j’étais embrouillé.

Pour conclure, j’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à Aasman et je n’aurais pas de problèmes à revenir travailler pour cette compagnie.


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by Eleanor

Ha ha! Awesome. Thanks guys for a great post. Although the bar is set high now to make them all bilingual!


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