Communication strategies are a big part of the work we do here at aasman…after all, what could be more purposeful than developing a strategy to help you fulfill your goals? That said, putting a strategy into action tends to be much more difficult for organizations than putting one to paper. So how do we build strategies that become corporate energizers instead of dust-collectors?

We sit on the three-legged stool.

If you want to have confidence in your seated position, you do not choose a one- or two-legged stool. Similarly, if you want confidence in your communications strategy, you do not rely on a wobbly brand position. You want a well-balanced strategy that delivers:

the right message — a message that offers meaningful benefits,

to the right audience — the people who genuinely desire those benefits,

in the right way and time — a way that is compelling and relevant to the media spaces where those people occupy their time.

As simple as that may sound, in practice getting the three rights right is a challenge. At aasman, we approach the challenge by starting with brand clarification (right message), then audience profiling (right audience), and finally a creative/media strategy (right way and time). Put them together and you’ve got a solid platform for delivering effective brand communications.



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